The Big Story: Not My Husband: And Madam comes to the rescue

Unedited transcript of Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s wife’s video message

My name is Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleiman, the wife of Apostle Johnson Suleiman. Now ordinarily, I don’t like media appearances. But at this point, for the purpose of clarity, I will have to speak. Now, I have known my husband for the past 19 years. If you are living with a man who is promiscuous or an adulterous person, you will know especially if you are an intelligent and a smart woman. I have to speak because I want it to now appear like it’s now a woman to woman talk.

I have heard all kinds of rubbish and the nonsense this lady has been talking about that has gone viral on the internet.

That is not my husband. And let me quickly say this; for 19 years, I have been with my husband; even all through the years of courtship and in marriage. I have never for once had any problem whatsoever over a woman. We have never had issues over a woman. And then you can just imagine.

Listen, for all the pictures that have been released, you can as well decide to send more pictures. Mind you, it will never and can never stop the real picture of my husband in my heart. Of course you can see that the pictures released are photo shopped.

By the grace of God, I am a trained journalist, a mass communicator and anybody who is good at graphics and is into photography would understand what I am talking about. Those pictures are faked. The problem with most Nigerians is that they are so gullible. They believe everything; they want to listen to everything. I am coming out to say this just because of those that feel or think, “Oh we are confused”. That is not my husband. Pleas if you are very good at photography like I said, take a closer look at the photos. They were all planned out and they are all faked. As a matter of fact, I have been the one checking out and following up everything that has been happening. As I speak to you right now, my husband is having a ministers’ conference. This is a man who fears God; a man who loves God; a man who is going after his father’s business, the business of the things of the kingdom. He is always on the mission field. Then a lady will just come out and start saying all kinds of nonsense and people are so gullible will want to believe this. If you are an intelligent and smart woman, there is no way a man will be living that kind of life or probably maybe if that is his lifestyle; there is no way a woman will not be able to detect that; there is no way a woman will not be able to find out that this is the kind of life the husband is living. That is not my husband. Now listen, you people can send the kind of pictures; you can release even more pictures if you want to but that will never change anything; it will never change my stand; it will never change the love that I have for my husband. He is a good man. The problem is that people just want to take advantage of his good attitude. He loves to give and he will never stop giving. He wants to make people happy. My husband is somebody that will not see anybody cry out for any reason. He wants to help especially if the person is even a total stranger. And I also encourage him to give. Listen, your good will never kill you. He will not stop giving; he will continue to give. So the fact that that he has assisted one person and then the person will come out to say it; this is just cheap blackmail. Let me quickly say something here; this video or whatever or whatever pictures that are going viral on the internet, I will advise you; for everyone that is quick at listening to lies on the internet, I want to advise you, it is not the best. You will first of all reason; think of the kind of personality we are talking about here. This is a man who loves to help people. We have seen it on several occasions; how he has helped widows; how he has helped the orphans; we have people on our scholarship scheme. He cannot stop giving and he will not stop giving. For the fact that he has helped somebody, let’s not use that as an advantage. We know what is really going on; we are not surprised. You can see that from the day my husband said that they should stop the killing of Christians, everybody; those who are not happy with that statement are doing everything possible. You cannot pull down the lords anointed; you can’t do that. I like what the bible says in Psalm 105 verse 13. It says “they go from one place to another; from one nation to another; he suffers no man to do them wrong”. It says “he reproved kings for their sake saying, “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm””. It doesn’t matter how many they are. Listen, the church is not even the target because; of course, you know that the church of God must march forward. But my marriage is the target but it is so unfortunate. This Is me talking to you right now. We are fine; as I speak to you my husband is having a ministers’ conference; he is going to be ministering today; the program is actually starting today as I speak to you; to talk to pastors. That is what he has been busy doing the work of the kingdom. This is a man that fears God; this is a man that loves God. He is a practitioner of the word. So please, I want to beg you; all those who are very quick at reasoning and interpreting things the wrong way. Stop it. It is not the best. You lady, let me speak to you. I want to quickly make you understand that the people you are dealing with, they are God’s own people and I will never fail to quickly say this: a woman who is a praying woman; like a songwriter will say, “those who fight on their knees have got victory in the spirit”. I am a praying woman and I will not stop praying until the judgment of God visits you. I want to say once again to all those that believe in Apostle Suleiman, all those who love Apostle Suleiman, just keep loving him. Pray for him. That is the only thing you can give to him. No matter anything that is happening, that will never change my stand; it will never change my love for him. This man has a heart of Gold and this is what people are capitalizing on. The only weakness I know my husband has is that he loves to give and can u imagine? There is no way you can use that to fight a man because God will fight you. So please, it is just a word of encouragement to those who believe ”Oh we have seen pictures released and it is real”’ this thing is not real. That is not Apostle Johnson Suleiman; that is not my husband that I know for about 19 years now. I want to pray for you. God bless you. Just keep praying for him and I know that all is well. God bless you.

NB: Madam forgot to disclose what manner of free giver her husband is to have given a $76,000 Benz 450 GL SUV  and an alleged N40m mansion to a single actress named Daniella Okeke

According to the reports “after buying the house for N40m, the controversial ‘Man of God’ then spruced it up with N120million before handing it over to Ms. Okeke, who is one of the women romantically linked with him.

The property, which has two duplexes, is located on Alabi Street, off Okey Okeke Drive in Arowojobe Estate in the Mende-Maryland area of Lagos.  It was initially owned by fashion designer Adedayo David Eweje, who owns fashion company “David Wej.”

Saharareporters reached out to Mr. Eweje who admitted selling the duplex before 2013 but claimed he didn’t know to whom the house was sold or who the present occupant is.  He said the transaction was handled by his lawyers, who are also in possession of the paperwork.  Our sources, however, insisted Mr. Eweje was definitely aware that the front duplex was purchased by Apostle Suleman, as they did meet several times before the deal was completed.

Our reporters visited the house yesterday but attempt to speak with the occupants were unfruitful as no one answered the door.  When we attempted to get back in there early today, security at the entrance of the estate had been beefed up significantly, obviously to ward off media interest in the area. Security men stationed at the gate of the Arowojobe Estate location of the house said the only way to gain access is to get the occupant to fetch you from the gate.

SaharaReporters revealed yesterday that the Mercedes-Benz car displayed by the actress was registered to Apostle Suleman.  Shortly after we revealed that a Lagos State Motor Vehicle Registry had inadvertently revealed that Suleman registered the vehicle, the state-owned website curiously tried to scrub Apostle Suleman’s name off the website as the owner, but the original story was retrieved through a web archive search, which clearly maintained the ownership record of the car.

Following the latest revelations in the public domain, Apostle Suleman has declared that he is taking the battle of his exposed infidelity to a “spiritual” realm.

In a statement through Phrank Shuaibu, his spokesperson, the pastor asked members of his church to desist from engaging in a media war.  This ceasefire is in stark difference to a fiery message he gave last Friday asking his followers to unfriend anyone on Facebook who might have a negative opinion about him.  At that time, he also urged his church management to remove from its employment anyone caught sharing on social media any stories about his sex scandals.

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