The Big Story: Court Case And Wrestling by the Pigs

The Nigeria police has since charged Stephanie and her male colleague, one Wisdom Godstime, before a Chief Magistrate in Lagos, accusing them of terrorism and plotting the extortion of Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Stephanie in court

Prior to their arraignment, Stephanie claimed she was threatened by the police officers, ostensibly working with or on behalf of the pastor, asking her to drop allegations that the priest had had sexual relations with her and impregnated her before abandoning her.

In the midst of this, a spurious denial from Stephanie Otobo was caused to hit the social media.

The said statement reads:

“I’m still in shock on the sudden media propaganda being championed by Sahara Reporters. I have no business with Festus Keyamo. The N500m claims is such a huge sum to come about. I’m from a broken home and my separated parents can never dream of pulling just 1% of such an amount in a very long time.”

While refuting the allegations made against Apostle Johnson Suleiman by Festus Keyamo on her behalf, Stephanie Otobo also called on Nigerians of goodwill to discard the earlier media propaganda by Sahara Reporters and consider same as totally false and untrue.

“Yes, I had an encounter with some officers of the Nigeria Police few days back, but I don’t remember making any such ambiguous claims against a reputable man of God in the status of Apostle Johnson Suleiman. Let the man of God alone please.”

The tactlessly concocted statement which smells the art of a spin doctor angered Otobo into action she followed up with a statement made on video and a press conference covered extensively by SaharaReporters, detailing her sexcapades with Apostle Suleiman backed with similar allegations of sexual escapades with actress, Daniella Okeke who benefitted a $76,000 Mercedez Benz GL 450 gift from Apostle Suleiman’s generosity.

Stephanie also released series of screenshots of Snapchat conversations with Suleman showing that they had intimate video cam chats where the man of God requested her to strip topless for him and one in which Apostle Suleiman exposed his manhood.

Checks on revealed that the SUV with registration number MUS123EJ was registered in the name of Apostle Suleiman Johnson of September 21, 2016.

Ruth Kadiri : Sexually linked to Apostle Kadiri

As if that was not enough, another heavy backside and frontally endowed pretty Nollywood babe, Ruth Kadiri, who was alleged to have engaged the man of God in a threesome sex romp in far away South Africa,  was added to the list.

“Apostle Suleiman tried to kill me” – Says Queen Esther, who claimed to have had a secret love affair with Apostle Suleiman

Then from the blues came another lady named Queen Esther, who claims to be an ex-usher in one of the branches of Apostle Suleiman’s Church.

This is her story as reported by premiumtimes:

“Barely one week after a lady, Stephanie Otobo, claimed she was in a sexual relationship with the overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Johnson Suleman, another lady has also said she was in a similar sexual relationship with the cleric.

The lady, who identified herself as Queen Esther, said she began a sexual relationship with Mr. Suleman (popularly known as Apostle Suleman) in 2013 before a “catastrophic break-up” a year later.

“I was an usher in his branch church, but I had a sexual relationship with him as he lured me into it in order to solve my spiritual problem and limitations to success in career and marriage, but after the sex he didn’t solve the problems for me, instead he started making proposal for us to marry,” Ms. Esther told PREMIUM TIMES on Sunday.

“I dated Apostle Suleman while I was a member in his church, he was my pastor, spiritual director and mentor aside being a boyfriend, from August 2013 to 2014 April.”

Ms. Esther’s claims came two days after Ms. Otobo, a Canadian-based singer, told journalists about her alleged amorous affair with the cleric.

Mr. Suleiman denies all the allegations.

The preacher’s wife, Lizy, had also risen in support of her husband, insisting his alleged persecution is the handiwork of the powers that be in the political circles.

Esther told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Sulepman’s wife got to know about her affair with the cleric, a reason for her decision to end the relationship.

“I told him to give me a break in the relationship, so I can stay away from his wife’s view, and also get married to a single suitor I had at that time, instead he felt I was breaking up with him and began to threaten me, that I hurt him and that I will see the consequences of hurting him,” the lady said.

“Barely seven days after that, my body changed, I began to have strange movements in my body, my womb, sharp pains in my left breast,” she continued.

“I was taken to many places by my family and we were told that my boyfriend used me for sacrifice and wants to kill me, Suleiman sent me text messages of threatening that I will die, I almost died if my God didn’t rescue me. So all my attempts to get him to heal me failed, I went to his father his father tried to talk to him, but he denied doing anything to me, till today.”

Ms. Esther turned down PREMIUM TIMES’ request to produce her photograph – or her real identity – saying she wants to first seek the protection of the Kaduna State Government from Mr. Suleman and “his team of magicians.”

“In the wake of this current sex scandal between Miss Otobo Stephanie and Johnson Suleman, I started having strange calls from people who speak Auchi language while making incantations on me once I pick their phone calls,” she said.

“I cannot be able to send my picture now till am (sic) sure of my protection from his followers’ attacks.

“Many ladies are victims of Johnson Suleman but they are afraid to come out publicly because they fear the consequences attached to their public stand against him, which is a possible spiritual attack and destruction on their life and destiny.”

A top official of the Kaduna State government confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that they received a request for protection from Ms. Esther, but added that the government does not want to be involved in the matter.

Ms. Otobo said most of the evidence of her affair with Mr. Suleman got lost after her laptop was stolen on arrival at the Lagos airport, last year.

She accused the preacher of being behind the theft.

Ms. Esther told PREMIUM TIMES her own evidence against Mr. Suleman – “videos of him around me in the church always,” phone calls, text messages – mysteriously disappeared from her phone immediately after their breakup.

“But if police can retrieve my text messages and phone calls from MTN service provider between the month of August 2013 and 2015 May, that will be enough to prove him guilty of oppression and threat to life.”

Stephanie Otobo’s story became public after her lawyer, Festus Keyamo, wrote to the Inspector General of Police alleging threats to her life, harassment, and blackmail by police officers working at the behest of Apostle Suleman.

Stephanie had insisted that Apostle Suleiman impregnated her following sex romps in Italy, New York and Nigeria.

She was arrested at a United Bank for Africa branch in Anthony Village area of Lagos and held incommunicado by the police.  The arrest was led by one DSP Ugwumadu from the Ken Salem house team affiliated with the Federal Criminal Investigations in Lagos.

Shortly after SaharaReporters did a report on her arrest, police officers were  said to have become apprehensive and aggressive towards her. She was thoroughly harassed and subjected to rough interrogation tactics, including coaching her to disown her lawyers and the media reports. It was in anticipation of her cooperation along this line with the police, it was alleged, that Apostle Suleiman’s camp pushed out the purported unsigned denial by Stephanie Otobo. When confronted to sign the statement, Stephanie was said to have refused insisting that she be allowed to speak with her lawyers first.

Following a series of tweets and updates by Saharareporters alleging plans to weaken Stephanie Otobo, the police was said to have hurriedly put some charges together against her including ridiculous charges of “terrorism” and brought her before a magistrate court, in the Tinubu area of Lagos, where she was docked and charged and subsequently granted bail by Justice Kikelomo Bukola Ayeye, the chief magistrate of the Lagos State Magistrate Court.

In an attempt to put Stephanie out of circulation, Apostle Suleiman in connivance with the police presented a frivolous request for remand.

In the said application for remand, the police said that Wisdom and Stephanie were suspected to have threatened and blackmailed Apostle Suleiman.

Attached to the application for remand was a four-count charge of terrorism, blackmail, and extortion, including threatening “an act of terrorism, demanding property with menace with intent to steal and attempt to extort money,” at the Police College in Ikeja, Lagos on February 14.

In the second count, the police said Wisdom and Stephanie “… with intent to blackmail a man of God, did unlawfully demand the immediate payment of the sum of $1,000,000 (one million US dollars) to you by Apostle Suleiman, … else you will call a conference and accuse him out for committing adultery … and having an illicit relationship with her (Stephanie).”

In granting Stephanie’s bail request, the Chief Magistrate ruled that there is no substantial evidence to deny Stephanie her fundamental right to freedom, and hence her bail conditions were on liberal terms.

Justice Kikelomo said the “matter was a case between two Nigerians and it did not matter if one of the parties was a man of God.”  She granted bail on conditions that the accused person deposit a sum of N100,000, with two sureties in like sum who must be gainfully employed.

Steamy details

Picture: Courtesy SaharaReporters

In retaliation for the attempts to cage her and the flagrant abuse of her rights by the police, Stephanie shared more convincing details about their alleged sexual relationship in a video interview.

Following Apostle Suleiman’s repeated denials of any sexual relationship with her, she released screenshots allegedly of steamy chats between the two and she is threatening to release more including where the man of God displayed his manhood.

In the video uploaded by SaharaReporters, Otobo insisted that she had a relationship with the pastor, adding that as a result her life was in danger.

She was arrested at a bank in Lagos where she had gone to make enquiries about her frozen bank account on Friday.

According to her, she was held incommunicado by the police as part of a plot by the pastor to get her to recant her story and is facing extortion and terrorism charges.

She insisted on telling her story, saying, “Because I can talk, I have to talk. How many people has he done this to and got away with (it)? He is supposed to be a man of God.”

Suleiman’s Defence was Phrank Shaibu vs Keyamo

The cleric in a statement by his Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, insisted there was no amorous relationship between Otobo and himself let alone a promise to marry her.

According to Shaibu, the lady was allegedly arrested by the security operatives after she allegedly tried to blackmail Suleman, including demanding N500m from him, failing which she threatened to expose a purported amorous relationship between her and the pastor.

Shaibu claimed that Keyamo was misled into believing that there was an amorous relationship between Apostle Suleman and Otobo, adding that the lady was “caught up by her own machinations as she was arrested while trying to withdraw money paid into her account by the Church in a sting operation coordinated by the police.”

He said, “Unknown to Keyamo, the police was alerted following several attempts by the said lady to blackmail Apostle Suleman. The police also recorded her conversations while making the frivolous demand. The highpoint of the drama was her attempt to withdraw the money paid into her account at the instance of the police. The lawyer should know that his client was arrested by the police with abundance of evidence confirming that she is indeed a serial blackmailer.”

He said, “Let me place it on record that, the lady in question is a self-confessed stripper in a night club in Canada, who like thousands of people that seek help from Apostle Johnson Suleman, called to pretentiously convey her intentions to embrace Christ and also need financial help to keep body and soul together as she no longer had a means of livelihood after quitting her job as a stripper.

“Does Keyamo or his serial blackmailing client have pictures of the visit by Apostle Suleman or his representatives to her parents? In any case, how could such a relationship have existed when the Apostle and the said lady have never met physically? How could he have made a promise of a house and a lifestyle comparable to what she has in Canada when he has never been to her house or seen her physically as to have an idea of her living standards?”

According to him, Keyamo must have been misled or excited by the prospects of getting a whopping N500m.

However, Keyamo said he would “release more bullets” to justify the allegation by Otobo that she had a failed amorous relationship with Apostle Suleman.

He also promised to upload more photographs in the days ahead to validate the argument of his client.

But the cleric in a letter by his counsel, Osa Director, obtained by journalists in Abuja, entitled: “Allegation of professional misconduct and unethical practices”, said Keyamo’s action was inconsistent with Section 1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners 2007.

He said, “Sequel to our letter to you dated March 6, 2017, we have observed with shock and dismay your deliberate and relentless efforts to malign and convict our client through media trial. By your relentless media campaign, you are conducting yourself in a manner inconsistent with Section 1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct For Legal Practitioners 2007.”

According to him, instead of gathering facts and evidence before a court of competent jurisdiction for adjudication, Keyamo resorted to alleged blackmail and intimidation through the media, both traditional and social media.

“In short, you have threatened and indeed executed your threat of conjuring, manufacturing and synthesising bogus and unverifiable exhibits in the social media and newspapers, all with a view to poison public opinion against our client and reduce his esteem and reputation in the eye of any reasonable man. Your attitude is also to ambush a fair trial while litigation is anticipated. This is contrary to S.33 of the Rules of Professional Conduct For Legal Practitioners 2007.”

Director quoted a recent Newspaper report in which Keyamo threatened to “release more bullets”, while Otobo under his supervision would be organising a world press conference and “we will begin to release bullets.”

He said, “Furthermore, you grossly and recklessly maligned our client, saying, “these men of God are not what they claim to be, we have a duty to protect the public. Many of them are fake and fraudsters. You will see the video very soon in the next few minutes.” True to your threat of trial publicity stunts, the video clips have flooded the social media networks.

“We believe your conduct is inconsistent with the virtues and rules of conduct of the legal profession. It smacks of indiscipline and disdain for the judicial process. Therefore, we demand a retraction of all your press statements and an apology to be published on the major social media networks.

“Also, we demand a compensation of N1bn for all the injuries inflicted on our client. We expect you to meet our demands within seven days from the date above written. Take notice that we shall drag you before the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee for the infamous conduct if you fail to so do”


The salvo from Keyamo

The Festus Keyamo Chambers said it has pictures of Apostle Johnson Suleiman, founder of the Omega Fire Ministry exposing his private part to Miss Stephanie Otobo on Skype.

Reacting to Suleiman’s mandate on Festus Keyamo to tender an apology and pay him N1 billion for scandalizing his personality, the Keyamo Chambers warned Suleiman to leave their boss out of the picture and punctured any form of apology for the preacher.

A statement issued by the Festus Keyamo Chambers and signed by Uchenna Moneke and Oluwafemi Olabisi, counsel to Otobo said Suleiman should be asked “whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that told him to be exposing his private part to Miss Stephanie on Skype; which pictures are in our custody and whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that instructed him to be paying millions into the account of our client whom he calls a “stripper” all the way in Canada.”

The statement added that Suleiman should also be asked whether it was his special calling as a so-called “man of God” to be paying millions to strippers and prostitutes to leave their trade, when there were poor women and widows within his congregation in Nigeria that needed help badly.

The chamber further said Suleiman should be asked “whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that instructed him to be exchanging amorous text messages with a girl he calls “a stripper”. These text messages would all be investigated and revealed when full criminal investigations commence and whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that instructed him to be having Skype conversations with Miss Stephanie Otobo and to be requesting her to open her bare breasts to him.”

“We make bold to say that when criminal investigations commence, all these text messages and pictures would be subjected to serious forensic analysis, and the truth would be established. The hotels they slept in and the evidence of their meetings in and out of this country would be revealed. The pitiable excuse of “photo-shop” has become a convenient escape route for all culprits caught on tape these days,’ the statement added.

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