Western democracy not suitable for Nigeria -OBJ

Olusegun Obasanjo, the man who ruled Nigeria twice as a military dictator and later an elected President on Monday asserted that Western liberal democracy is ill-suited for Africa, particularly Nigeria.

The elder statesman cited its failure to deliver on good governance and progressive development for the continent.

The Nigerian ex-president called for a re-examination and moderation of the Western democratic model as it is practiced in African nations.

Speaking at the high-level consultation on “Rethinking Western Liberal Democracy in Africa” held at the Green Resort Legacy, Obasanjo emphasized the need to confront the reality that Western democracy has fallen short of expectations in Africa. He urged for a pragmatic approach to adapt the democratic framework to better address the unique challenges and peculiarities of the African continent.

Obasanjo argued that one of the fundamental flaws in the application of Western democracy in Africa lies in its foreign origins.

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