he ancient city of Oyo was agog for Goldberg Fuji t’o Bam Quarter Final Concert held in Durbar Stadium on Friday, July 15th, 2016 where 20 out of the 40 Fuji contestants that participated scaled through to the semi-final after a stiff, entertaining and creative Fuji contest that lit the entire city.

To qualify, the contestants had to display elements of originality, stage craft, good vocalization and great appearance as these were the key assessment criteria by the three judges: Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Agboola (aka SK Sensation), Chairman, National Project Committee for Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria; Deinde Kabiru (aka Baby Barrister) and Adebayo Falake (aka Kakaki Olodumare).

One of the lucky contestants who made it to the semi-final, Ilesanmi Sogo (aka Aro-National) revealed that his Fuji sojourn has spanned seven years, despite the fact that he is disabled and on a wheelchair.  In his words, ‘Disability is not inability, and I believe that there is nothing I cannot do and achieve with my Fuji talent.’ Aro-National saw himself as a self-motivator and displayed his confidence despite his physical challenges. According to him, his ultimate goal is to become the Wura 1 of Fuji music on a wheelchair.

Also lighting up the stage were three A-list Fuji stars, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, Pasuma Wonder and Adigun Abolore (aka 9ice), who thrilled fans to various tunes and rhythms of their songs. Oyo fans were star-struck by the presence of the three artistes as each of them put up breathtaking performances that kept the fans clamoring for more. The night witnessed cheers from the fans that collaborated with some of the stars in their performances by backing them up both in singing and dancing. This, no doubt, was informed by this year’s theme: Let’s Collabo, which went from just the contestants collaborating on stage with each other to the fans collaborating with the guest Fuji artistes.

Amongst the lucky contestants for the semi-final is the first female Fuji contestant, Bukola Omo-Daddy, who has scaled through to the semi-final stage for two years consecutively. Her words: ‘I think it is high time a female became the Wura 1 of Fuji music in Nigeria. Fuji music is not restricted to gender, so I believe a lady like me who is really talented and works hard can clinch the title and be crowned the Wura 1.’ She expressed her delight at the Goldberg concert and praised the brand for promoting entertainment and culture through Fuji t’o Bam.

The concert, which had the veteran actor, Odunlade Adekola, as its anchor was characterized by fans that were eager to see Fuji music in its originality as well as the stars that graced the occasion.

The eventual 20 winners were all called out by the ace star, Obesere, who called out their names while entertaining them in the process. The 20 beamed with excitement as well as anticipation for the semi-final in Ado-Ekiti on Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at Midas Hotel and Arena.

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