IABC to recognise business leaders who excel in communication

The Nigerian chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) has called on business leaders in Nigeria to compete and win an Africa-wide award for executives who excel in using communication to drive business outcomes.

The International EXCEL Award programme of IABC “honours a top-level executive for contribution to business communication. This contribution can include initiating, directing, supporting or sustaining outstanding and effective communication programmes. The award is frequently given to a chief executive officer, managing director or general manager.”

IABC Africa operates the EXCEL Award for participants on the continent. Nominees do not have to be members of the association. Now in its fourth decade, “the EXCEL Award is the IABC’s highest honour to be bestowed on a non-member. There are no restrictions or biases based on the size of organisation or budget.”

The Award looks at the role of a leader in communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders during tough times as this is crucial to a company’s long-term success. In the call for nominations, IABC Africa through Zanandi Allers said the award takes in six criteria.

These are a demonstration of exceptional leadership, management and communication skills, use of a communication strategy that demonstrates creativity and innovation and that contributes to the business success of the organisation as well as some experience in communicating with global or multicultural audiences, where possible. Others are a commitment to the communication programmes for all of the organisation’s audiences, both internal and external, and at local, national and international levels, must have participated in communication, not simply directed communication staff in their efforts. The nominee must also show commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Nigerian chapter president of IABC Mr Chido Nwakanma urged communication professionals in Nigeria to take advantage of the opportunity to nominate their business leaders. He appealed to both in-house professionals as well as consultants on the agency side.

Nwakanma stated, “Many firms in Nigeria have done excellently in communication as the cases we have examined in our Business Leaders Forum reveal. Many have managed challenges with change, employee engagement, consumer outreach, or dealing with stakeholders in the community, government, or advocacy. We believe Nigerians should step up for recognition for their contributions in communication, now a key driver of business.”






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