Political party where politicians swear to deadly oath barefooted

No fewer than 689 candidates contesting for various positions on the platform of Justice Must Prevail Party on Wednesday swore to what the national chairman described as “deadly oath of integrity that kills if violated.”

The national chairman of JMPP, Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi, also said the party would build a 26-feet-tall-concrete wall round the country to guard against Boko Haram, smuggling and other criminal activities at border areas.

A pastor and an imam administered the oath to the candidates who stood barefooted while it lasted, at the party’s convention in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that JMPP had, at its inauguration, pledged to eliminate corruption and ensure absolute security in Nigeria through the instrumentality of the Covenant of 12 Pillars of Oath of the party.

Speaking at the occasion, the party’s National Chairman, Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi, stressed that the hallmark of JMPP was the 12 Pillars of Oath.

NAN reports that the oath was administered by a pastor and an imam.

“The oath shall purge, purify and refine our new crops of revolutionary leaders to provide strong and trustable foundation, upon which we shall lay a new foundation for the glorious future of our great nation in particular and the black race in general.

“This is the key that holds the pace and destiny of Nigeria,” Ijagbemi said.

According to Ijagbemi, the party has a presidential candidate and a running mate; 28 governorship candidates and a total of 689 candidates contesting for various positions.

“I am particularly thankful to our special guests and members from across the country who have imbibed the zeal of the party and the spirit of sacrifice to make their trips to Abuja in spite of all the odds to offer their lives as collateral by taking part in the deadly 12 Pillars of Oath of integrity that kills if violated,” he said.

He assured that the party would set out a clear and better alternative for the country.

“JMPP is not for politicians. JMPP is for leaders with vision for a new strong corruption-free Nigeria

“I hereby unveil the slogan for our victorious campaign of ‘New Heaven, New Earth and New Nation’ as we enlist in the revolution.

“We shall operate as a family, with team spirit and ready with the mantle to deliver our nation from abject poverty in the ‘New Heaven, New Earth and New Nation,” he said.

Ijagbemi assured Nigerians that the party would ensure absolute independence of the judiciary without interference from other arms of government if elected into power.

He said under the JMPP government, the Police and other security agencies would be equipped with gadgets to defend the rule of law and the territorial integrity of the nation.

In her remarks at the event, Dr. Sarah Jubril said taking an oath barefoot signified that all JMPP candidates are committed to the party’s sacred oath of integrity.

“They acknowledge the Almighty God and that anytime they take this oath, they are prepared to serve the Almighty God with their whole heart.

“In Islam and Christianity, the word ‘righteousness’ stands as a common word; obeying God. And it is time we stopped this deception of taking Oath of Office and Allegiance and not complying with them,” Jubril said.

She told NAN that the wives of the party’s flag bearers would also take theirs in due course.

Jubril said taking off of the shoes signified that the earth was the witness, adding that it was in the earth that people shed human blood in order to get to power.

“They shed human blood directed by satanic forces or occultic forces, which are direct enemies to the truth, the love and the holiness of God. The sun is also a witness,” the pioneer national chairman of the JMPP said.

She said the party would take the lead in the 2019 general elections.

In an interview with NAN, the Presidential candidate of the JMPP, Apostle Sunday Chukwu-Eguzolugo, said the occasion signified the elimination of corruption and abomination in the country.

According to him, the oath is an antidote to corrupt practices.

“The corruption will first die in you, before it begins to die in others,” he said.


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