How Union Homes used fake documents to obtain judgment in a fraudulent loan deal.

DSCF2438Chief Ayokunle Thorpe passed on at the age of 63 on October 21 1995 and was buried between his 12/14 Ikanren street/plots 7-9 Tokunbo street, Alagomeji Yaba residence. So it was a mirage to the Ayokunle Thorpe family when 20 years after the death of their patriarch, some unknown persons claiming to be agents of Union Homes Ltd., pasted on the fence and building of the Jafojo land property of Chief Ayokunle Thorpe a judgment purportedly obtained on June 13, 2005 delivered by Justice Adesuyi Olateru-Olagbegi in suit num. LD/929/2004. That was ten solid years before it was brought to the notice of the owners of the property whose deed of conveyance was purportedly used as collateral for a N5m loan obtained by Samore Nigeria Ltd. to construct “the 2nd phase of “our market project at White Sand Market Otto”
Oluwasanmi Lawal who is 2nd defendant in the case signed as Managing Director while his wife, Oluranti Sanmi-Lawal signed as the company’s secretary and both bore no direct relationship with the late Ayokunle Thorpe. While delivering the judgment, Justice Adesuyi Olateru-Olagbegi instructed that “Order be and is hereby granted to the claimant/applicant to sell the 2nd defendant’s property situate, lying and being near Jafojo village, Agege Local Government, Lagos, covered by survey plan no DO/371 A-B attached to the deed of conveyance dated 1st November, 1977 registered as no 70/70/1660 at the land registry office, Lagos.”
Ironically, the late Chief Ayokunle Thorpe, who died on October 21, 1995 was not the 2nd defender because the loan was obtained in April 2001, about six years after his demise and there was no way a dead man could have executed the guarantee standard charge form; a basic requirement for granting the loan as one of the Conditions Precedent to Drawdown which required “Mr. Ayokunle Thorpe must execute our guarantee and standard charge forms (UHSL 1c and UHSL 3rd party) respectively as stated in Union Homes Savings And Loans Ltd’s letter of 26th April, 2001.
From the foregoing, it is obvious that Union Homes Savings And Loans Ltd. might have granted the said loan with fraudulently packaged documentation and against the usual practice, its officials did not receive the originals or does not even have them in its custody because the Thorpe’s family insisted that the originals of the landed documentation are in the family’s custody since no portion of the property in question has been sold or leased to anybody either by the late Ayokunle Thorpe or the executioners of his estate. The entire court processes utilised by the Union Homes to obtain the judgement against the land of Chief Ayokunle Thorpe who died years before the alleged transaction where he was cited as living and was not a party to the proceedings as well as other ninth wonders is one challenge to the judiciary. A man who died in 1995 was copiously cited as the same person who participated actively in 2001 loan deal yet when the matter was packaged and taken to court, he, Chief A. W. Thorpe was made a party. At another instance in the same case the Jafojo land property of Chief A. W. Thorpe was said to belong to Samore. To obtain judgement in this case Union Homes utilised one of the registered title deeds as proof of ownership that the land belongs to Samore. Yet there is no record that Chief A. W. Thorpe has any relationship with Union Homes neither was he indebted to Union Homes before he died. How can a dead man rise from his grave and transact business with Union Homes is a question the Lagos judiciary will have to unravel.

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