Why the Ooni is Yorubaland’s foremost traditional ruler

Ooni, the traditional ruler of Ile-Ife, historically recognized as the source of the Yorubas, is the foremost traditional institutions in Yorubaland. Ile Ife is the land of the gods and the Ooni of Ife is referred to as God’s own representative on earth – Arole Oduduwa, Oluaye, Iku Alase, Orisa Keji – and regarded with awe and reverence. Every Ooni’s coronation is believed to have been specifically chosen and ordained by the gods and that of Oba Sijuwade was the grandest of all. Adesoji Aderemi and zik
It was the most attended coronation in Nigeria’s history taken into consideration the array of dignitaries and celebs cutting across the business world, government and diplomatic circles that converged on Ile-Ife on December 6, 1980.
The Ile Ife dynasty dates back to centuries of years back, with fifty monarchs having ruled the ancient town and the 49th Ooni, Sir Adesoji Aderemi KBE, generally acknowledged a giant in every respect was the most popular, illustrious and the most glamorous Ooni ever reigned. He affected his society at every level and certainly left a vacuum.
Oba Aderemi was the first Ooni in modern Yoruba history to successfully combine his crucial tradition role as Ooni with secular political functions, He was Governor General of the defunct Western Region from 1960-67.

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