Update on Serubawon: No traces of poison or metal in Late Sen. Adeleke’s system, says Pathologist who conducted autopsy


New evidence has emerged in the ongoing inquest into the circumstances surrounding the death of the Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke.

According to the testimony given today by the pathologist who carried the autopsy on the body, Dr. Taiwo Solaja, the toxicology report showed no traces of poison and metal in the system of the late senator.

The Pathologist however pointed to the fact that autopsy report showed that there was a high level of alcohol, sedatives and analgesics in the blood of the deceased.

Dr. Solaja submitted by saying that the autopsy findings showed conclusively that Sen. Adeleke had died of aspiration with multiple drug overdose.

Dr. Solaja dismissed claims that the late senator had died of a heart condition, stating that although his heart showed signs of inflation, this was however not responsible for his sudden death.

The DPO of Dugbe police station, Mr Ogunkanmi Gbemileke, who was one of the police personnel present during the autopsy, confirmed the testimony of Dr. Solaja while also adding that he ordered evidences taken from the house of the deceased be sent to a police pathologist.

Following the testimony of the O.C Homicide, Eleta Moses which was no different from the account from the DPO, the court adjourned the cases till tomorrow, when the nurse who initially treated the senator, Alfred Idowu Aderigbigbe will give his testimony.

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