The Thieving Governor: How Fayose Looted Ekiti State

It was an era of over inflated contracts, sub-standard or outright non execution of jobs already paid for. Outside his brazen acts of violence against his perceived enemies while his reign of terror as Governor lasted, Ayo Fayose equally dipped his fast fingers into the coffers of the Ekiti State Government where he graciously helped himself using various dubious means at his disposal at will. The looting of Ekiti State are not just mere say or a pull him down tactic but they are gross allegations of monumental financial fraud against Ekiti State of which Fayose was allegedly indicted and upon which basis impeachment proceedings were commenced against him and ultimately led to the end of his reign of terror as Ekiti Governor and because of these large scale fraudulent acts while he served as Governor, even as he is contesting the June 21 Governorship election still have an on-going EFCC case hanging on his head and upon which he is currently facing trial as the EFCC case had not been dropped or dismissed. The EFCC had in letter dated September 8, 2006 with Reference number EFCC/EC/GC031/840 listed the charges against Fayose to include Conspiracy, Abuse of Office, Money Laundering, Corrupt Practices and Stealing of Government Funds.Cover fayose A
Between December 2003 and December 2005, Fayose as Governor without following due process engaged his crony company Biological concept managed by one Gbenga James, his personal friend on the pretext of establishing an integrated poultry farm in Ekiti withdrew the sum of N855million from the State Government Account as summmarised below:
28th of April, the sum of N340million was transferred from the Wema Bank account of the State Government to Biological concept in Prudent Bank. Before the transfer, the company was indebted to the bank to the tune of N58million which was promptly deducted from the N340million. The same day, the Managing Director of Biological Concept withdrew over N80million and converted the sum of N17million into british Pounds Sterling and US Dollars which he sent through Mrs Biodun Olujimi, who was then Fayose’s third Deputy Governor in a short-lived administration. Mrs Olujimi acknowledged the receipt of the money from one Mrs Shade Ibiyemi, Secretary to the Managing Director of Biological Concept.
Ten days later, James converted the sum of N156million to US dollars and transferred same to India in favour of his other company, Avian Specialities via statement of Account of both Biological Concept and Avian Specialties in Union Bank and Prudent Bank.
At the Afao headquarters of the poultry project, it was established that out of the sum of N855million collected for the poultry project, N350million was meant for the construction of the headquarters, but only N73million was used to build the headquarters and for installation of equipment.
Gbenga James, a crony of Fayose transferred over N100million from the account of Biological Concept to the account of Avian Specialties as if the money was proceeds from his legitimate earnings.
The said Gbenga James spent over N150million of Ekiti State money to acquire properties for himself and Fayose at Ibadan and environs and also acquiried 8 cars for himself and Fayose’s mother via statement of Mr Wale(James friend) who received the money in the United States and the motor dealer in Ibadan from whom Fayose’s mother’s car was purchased.
Gbenga James further built a house for Fayose through an architect who colletcted over N40million from the accounts in union Bank and Prudent Bank.
A further sum of 37,000 British Pounds Sterling was given to Goke Olatunji, Fayose’s P.A. on the instruction of Fayose from Gbenga James from the integrated poultry scam.
Fayose equally benefited from the proceeds of the contract sum of the government secretariat at Ado-Ekiti as one Abiodun Fari-Arole, a contractor built two houses for Fayose at Afao for N25million and another one at Ibadan valued for N20milion and also transferred the sum of N42million to Fayose through Mr Abiola Ayobola of the then FCMB, Ibadan Branch via statement of accounts of Grid Associates in Zenith and FCMB at Ibadan. These sums of money used in building these houses for Fayose and the N42million transferred to him were monies diverted from the proceeds of contracts for Ekiti State Governor’s office, Fountain Hotel.
Fayose also stole Ekiti dry through the construction of the Governor’s House, Banquet Hall and Ekiti State Hotel. He did this by re-awarding the same contracts that were executed by former Governor Niyi Adebayo’s administration and the work was almost completed before Fayose re-awarded same for over N1billion without due process.
In August 2004 Fayose transferred over 100,000 US Dollars of Ekiti State money through Mr Abiola Ayobola, a banker while he was at Standard Trust Bank. The money was for the personal use of Fayose in the United States.
Between January 2004 and June 2006, the sum of N17, 876,489,560billion was paid into the Ekiti State Joint Local Government from the Federation Account being the statutory allocations that accrued to the 16 Local Government Councils. Out of this over N17billion, the accountant general of the State could only account for about N6billion being salaries and other statutory deductions however the Accountant General and the Chairmen of the 16 Local government Councils were unable to explain the whereabouts of the whooping sum of N11.8billion. Apart from allocating N2million per month to each Local Government Chairman out of which N500,000 was directed to be paid into the account of Ayo Fayose Foundation.
N265million classified as Ekiti Road Maintainance Agency expenses was deducted between July and August 2005 from the records presented by the State Accountant General whereas the Project Manager, Engineer Kolade claimed he got only between N16million and N17million in the same period.
As part of the Fayose sleaze, the Director of Affordable Cars, the major supplier of cars to Ekiti State Government transferred the sum of N11,500,000 to the account of grid Associates managed by Mr Abiodun Fari-Arole, who released the money to Goke Olatunji, the Personal Assistant to Fayose via the statement of account of Affordable Cars Limited and Grid Associates in Zenith Bank. However the Managing Director, Grid associates and Managing director, Affordable Cars Ltd., denied knowledge of the transfers. However, according to investigators, the fact remains that N11.5million went through their accounts to Goke Olatunji, Fayose’s P.A.
Ajilosun Lock-Up Stalls scam: Over N137million was spent on the famous Ajilosun Shopping Complex which Fayose had been using as one of his numerous achievements in office. According to available evidence the sum of N5omillion was initially released to the Permanent Secretary for the ‘’external’’ wroks of the complex followed by another N22million, and yet another N25million, and still followed by another N20million. Not done with milking Ekiti through the bogus Ajilosun Shopping Complex, further sums of N20million was siphoned out, thus raising the dust if as that time the Ajilosun Shopping Complex can truly be worth the large sums of money released by Fayose.
Yet another phony way that Fayose stole Ekiti money was through the construction of Ado-Ekiti/Afao Road which is less than 10kilometres cost the people of Ekiti N303,577,110million.
Because of his penchant for stealing State money, Fayose also used the rehabilitation of the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium as a source. The contract cost was N119,793,056 out of which the contractor built a house at Alapere, Ketu for Fayose at a cost of N50million. The house has since been demolished by Lagos State Government for blocking a drainage path.
Perhaps more scandalous is the N339million taken out of the treasury for the construction of ‘’Inner Ring Road’’ at Ado-Ekiti. This sum of money, according to investigators is different from the N2billion spent on the dualisation of the major road in the town executed for the Federal Government by Fayose. The township road is less than 15kilometres. While the N339million was paid out, no evidence was provided on what the money was spent on.
Having succeeded in massive stealing of Ekiti State resources Fayose was further indicted by the Ekiti State House of Assembly for illegal operation of foreign accounts contrary to Paragraph 3 of the Code of conduct for Public officers, where some of the stolen funds were kept. One of such account was with the Bank of Africa, United States of America with VISA Credit NO: 45397806 and 28083056 valid till August 2007. Goke Olatunji, Personal Assistant to Fayose in whose custody the credit card No 45397806 was found made confessional written statement to the EFCC on 24th July 2006 saying the credit card belonged to Fayose.
Other illegal foreign accounts of Fayose were Account Nos: 50633925, 60642924 and 808909594 with Barclays Bank PLC 38, Hans Crescent Knightsbridge, London, SWL XDLZ.
It is on record that most of the contracts awarded during the Fayose era never followed due process. They were not bidded for, never advertised but awarded by Fayose to his cronies and proxies. Most of his Commissioners then had told investigators that they were never part of the contract awards, and that it was a one-man show.

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