Show of shame as two women fight over husband at Ojude Oba

This year’s Ojude Oba festival usually celebrated at Ijebu Ode three days after the Eidel-kabir might have come and gone but for some fun seekers and celebrators at the event, the memories of a middle aged woman of about 45 years and a pretty spinster of about 24-years-old who chose the venue of the occasion to settle their scores would for a while remain evergreen in their hearts.

The middle aged woman who dressed in exotic green lace fabric attacked the 24-year-old spinster while visitors were departing Ijebu Ode arcade, the venue of Ojude Oba.

According to our eye witness, the middle aged woman had laid ambush for the spinster based on information that she was inside the arcade.

After tearing the upper clothe worn by the spinster, she shouted loud and clear cursing and calling the young lady, young enough to be her first or second child all sorts of unprintable names for engaging in illicit affairs with her husband.

She told the young girl to sever relationship with her husband or she would have to eternally regret her foolish adulterous acts with her husband. The young girl who appeared unperturbed with this seemingly market square fight would however have none of these tantrums threatening to also beat the woman to stupor if she ever touched her again with her dirty hands.

Sensing that the milling crowd was now picking interest in the unfolding drama, the girl and her friends later left the scene but not after telling the woman that the fight was far from being over. The woman was also heard raining curses on the girl and her two friends as they were leaving the scene calling them prostitutes and vowed to ensure that they were adequately punished for being such a irresponsible shameless whores.

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