How Fayose looted Ekiti’s N1.35bn to buy 4 duplexes in Lagos

IMG-20160708-WA0000The embattled Governor of Ekiti State,

Ayodele Fayoseโ€™s associate Abiodun

Agbele wired N1.35billion into three

accounts to pay for four of the five

duplexes the governor allegedly bought in

Lagos, it was learnt yesterday.IMG-20160708-WA0001

The laundering of the cash was staggered

to, detectives believe, cover up the details

from the prying eyes of the Economic and

Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The EFCC uncovered the lodgments in

these accounts: FCMB belonging to

Siqnachor (0519693019), First Bank of

Nigeria (1000070240) and Zenith Bank

(1014016919) of Still Earth Limited.

But the owner of Still Earth Limited,

Oyindamola Adeyemi, has told the EFCC

that her company neither secured a

contract from Fayose, nor offered him


She said the governor was yet to pay the

agency fees to Still Earth on the four

duplexes he acquired at Tiamiyu Savage

Street on Victoria Island.

The facts on how Fayose, through his

detained associate Agbele, paid for the

duplexes are contained in some EFCC


A top source said: โ€œThe payments were

effected through De-Privateer Limited,

which is owned by Agbele. The governor

and his associate knew that they were

involved in money laundering and they

cleverly opted to stagger the funds.

โ€œWe have retrieved the list of lodgments

made by De-Privateer into three accounts,

including FCMB belonging to Siqnachor

(0519693019), First Bank of Nigeria

(1000070240) and Zenith Bank

(1014016919) of Still Earth Limited.

The breakdown of some of the remittances

is as follows: First Bankโ€”N40m (29/1/15);

N39.5m (30/1/15); N132.5 (30/1/ 15);

N3.2m (4/2/15); N980, 000(4/2/15);

N200m (17/2/15); N47m (13/2/15); N50m


The lodgments in an account in Zenith

Bank (1014016919) include N42.5m

(9/4/15); N25m (23/4/15); and N229m


Agbele, also through De-Privateer, paid

N200million into the account of Siqnachor

Integrated Limited in FCMB (0519693019)

on March 9, 2015.

The EFCC source added: โ€œYou can see what

Fayose did with state funds within the first

six months in office. This is just a segment

of our ongoing investigation of the


โ€œWe are yet to shift focus to other areas

where state funds were diverted into

personal use or associatesโ€™ accounts.โ€

Responding to a question, the source said:

โ€œWe are going ahead with Fridayโ€™s

interaction with three more people on the

five properties bought by the governor.โ€

Still Earth boss Adeyemi has said that she

neither executed any contract or gave

Fayose kickback.

Adeyemi, who made the clarifications

against the backdrop of the affidavit of the

EFCC at the Federal High Court, said her

company rejected a N5billion project from

Ekiti State Government in lieu of the agency

fees on the four duplexes in Lagos.

Adeyemi said: โ€œI didnโ€™t do any contract and

I never gave any kickback to the governor.

Fayose offered us a N5billion contract but

we were circumspect and we rejected it.

โ€œIn fact, at the time Fayose came up with

the contract idea, our companyโ€™s

relationship with him had gone sour.

โ€œStill Earth is a construction and real estate

firm. They bought four chalets from us

through De-Privateer Limited. It was De-

Privateer that paid us. So, if anybody or

company offered kickback to the governor,

it must be De-Privateer.

โ€œI felt sad that Still Earth has been linked to

the kickback when we didnโ€™t do any project

in Ekiti State.

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