Electricity: Hope dims for Mowe, Ibafo, other communities

Electricity-starved residents of Magboro, Ibafo, Mowe and other Ogun communities may not receive power supply from the national grid any time soon as work on a 33KV line, awarded by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited, has hit a fresh snag.

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc said last month that it could not supply electricity to the communities until the successful energisation of the line.

It stated this in response to a statement credited to the Managing Director of the government-owned NDPHC, Mr. Chiedu Ugbo, that the line, meant to supply power to the areas, had been energised.

The IBEDC said it joined efforts with the NDPHC in a bid to find a lasting solution, adding that the line, which runs from Oke-Aro to Mowe and passes through many communities, was sectioned for cursory checks and tests.

According to the distribution company, the sections or phases into which the line was broken are: Oke-Aro to Gaun (across the river); Gaun through Magboro to the MFM; the MFM to Ibafo; Ibafo to Asese; Asese to Mowe, and Mowe to the RCCG Camp.

A statement from the Regional Communication Officer, Ogun Region, IBEDC, Mr. Ayodeji Bada, on Tuesday, said the Mowe/Ibafo/Magboro line was still being challenged in one way or the other.

He said, “As of today (Tuesday), section 1 (Oke-Aro to Gaun) and section 2 (Gaun through Magboro to the MFM), that had passed necessary tests and stayed when energised, has been tripping.”

He said cursory checks and tests would be started afresh “because if the main line wouldn’t stay, it would be difficult to energise the surrounding communities and we cannot progress to energise the other sections until we confirm each section okay.”

Some of the communities were connected to the grid in December last year and supplied electricity by the IBEDC after 10 years of total outage, a development that was greeted with excitement.

The communities were connected to the grid through a temporary line, the new Abeokuta 132/33KV substation, as the Oke-Aro 330/132/33kV transmission substation meant to feed the Mowe/Ibafo/Magboro axis was not ready for energisation.

But the residents’ excitement was short-lived as they were again thrown into total blackout that month.

The Oke-Aro substation, which was built under the National Integrated Power Project scheme by the NDPHC, was inaugurated in May 2015.

Source: The Punch

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