CSR REPORTERS Set for 2021 annual philanthropic organizations’ Awards

The stage is set for the 2021 edition of CSR REPORTERS philanthropic
award. According to Eche Munonye, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of the
publication: “The purpose of CSR Reporters Philanthropic Award is to
recognize, appreciate and celebrate the organizations that are in the
forefront of the laudable culture of giving back to the society in the
year under review and its objective is to encourage and motivate others
to join in.”  the theme of this year’s award is ‘CELEBRATING SOCIAL

He further explained that as a news platform that primarily shines the
spotlight on those organizations and well-meaning individuals who are at
the forefront of the laudable culture of giving back to the society,
they thought it wise to celebrate those who do not just focus on profit,
but are committed to building a just and equitable society.

‘As we work around communities investigating social impact and corporate
governance activities, we noted those that are exemplary and we decided
that yearly, we will encourage them through deserving awards. With
collaborations from our reporters and correspondent friends in the
segment of CSR, sustainability, humanitarian services and philanthropy,
we have interviewed beneficiaries of interventions from communities and
NGOs so as to ensure a well-deserved award.

In his words, the CSR Evangelist, as Eche is fondly called said, ‘my
passion for corporate philanthropy led me to establish CSR REPORTERS,
Nigeria’s first all-CSR publication and I can say that, we have improved
over the years. From inception, we sought to appreciate philanthropic
gestures and encourage more organizations to imbibe the culture of
giving back to the society. I am glad to let you know that because of
what we are doing, several organizations have come to realize that there
is wisdom in giving back to society. We have worked with organizations
to monitor and evaluate the impact of their CSR/Sustainability projects
so as to ensure they reach the intended and impact the needed’.

This year’s award will hold at the prestigious Radisson Blu, Ikeja,
Lagos on Sunday the 21st of November and will be celebrating fifty
deserving organizations. The only individual award on the evening,
PHILANTHROPIC PERSON OF THE OF YEAR will be going to that individual who
has led teams or has on an individual level changed the cause of lives
for the better.

The purpose of the awards, he reiterated, is “to simply say THANK YOU to
the organizations and well-meaning individuals among us who have been
committing their time and resources to improving life and living.”

While observing that “organizations are not yet seeing CSR as part and
parcel of their business processes, Eche is, however, optimistic that
“the outlook is improving.” On the publication’s objectives for
instituting CSR REPORTERS Philanthropic awards, he affirmed: “When you
appreciate someone who has done well, the person or corporate entity is
encouraged to do more. We’re also trying to use this platform to get
others to join in the movement of charitable giving.”

To corporate organizations, the CSR Reporters publisher further
admonished: “Corporate Social Responsibility can improve your good
standing with your host communities by up to 75% so it is actually in
your interest to engage in philanthropic activities.” According to him,
CSR REPORTERS Philanthropic award 2021 promises to be an evening of
celebration and glamour and will feature comedy, music and dance.

In the area of circulation, the CSR REPORTERS boss said ‘we started by
printing and distributing 1,000 copies per month. Today we roll out over
5,000 copies with another 50,000 E-copies sent to verified email
accounts within the same period also. Our online platform has become a
reference resource for people looking for materials on CSR and

Over the past three years, CSR REPORTERS has partnered with
forward-thinking organizations to project their CSR initiatives in a way
that has encouraged more organizations to build corporate philanthropy
into their business culture and this has helped to enhance their
reputation and create substantial business benefits.

To nominate any organization for this prestigious award, simply send
names of organizations you desire to nominate to awards@csrreporters.com
or send WhatsApp message to 08034012198

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