Why Zenith Bank jerked up *966# free airtime promo

Owing to the instant success of the *966# Friday campaign free airtime promo, Zenith Bank has increased the size of the awards to accommodate more winners.

The bank last week launched an airtime give-away promo to reward its customersby giving them a chance to triple their airtime purchased every Friday on the platform.

The first nine hundred and ninety-six (966) to purchase airtime using the code *966*amount*phone number# between the hours of 6am and 9am, were to have their purchase tripled.

However, an upward revision of the awards will now see nine hundred and ninety-six (966) customers emerge winners every hour between the hours of 6am to 9am, making it a total of 2,898 winners for each day of the promo.The campaign will run every Friday until October 7, 2016.

To benefit from this promo, customers must dial the unique code, 966*amount*phone number to make their airtime purchases while non-account holders who do not want to be left out can dial*966*0# to open a Zenith Bank account, fund it and get in on the action.

The Zenith Bank EazyBankingservice is a convenient, fast, secure, and affordable way to access your Zenith bank account 24/7 through mobile phones without internet data. The service is available to all individual account holders with any phone that runs on the GSM platform.

Using the EazyBankingservice, users can open accounts, check their account balances, buy airtime, transfer money to zenith and other banks account, pay bills, as well as perform other transactions.

Zenith’sEazyBankingservice is secure as it requires registration and PIN authentication on all banking transactions.

Zenith Bank consistently plays a leading role in payment innovation, and deploys products that are consistent with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) financial inclusion policy.

The most customer focused bank in Nigeria, Zenith Bank is Nigeria’s largest bank by Teir-1 capital and has earned local and international reputation for the adoption of cutting-edge technology to deliver banking solutions.

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