Woman sells eight-month-old baby for N283,242

Joyce Wairimu Wahome, a Kenyan has been arraigned in court for allegedly stealing and selling her eight-month-old baby, Consolata Wambui, for the sum of Sh80,000 (N283, 242).

According to SDE, Wahome sold her baby to Margaret Wairimu Kihiko and then reported to the police that her baby had disappeared.

Police charged the two women alongside Kihiko’s mother, Susan Nyambura Gihumbi.

The court was told that on November 10, Wahome announced that her baby had been stolen, only for police to trace the baby to Molo, where they (police) said they believed she (Wahome) had sold her for Sh80,000.

Wahome was accompanied by a Peter Kairu, identified as her husband, during the press conference earlier. Kairu was, however, missing in court on Monday and another man claimed paternity of the child.

In their statements in court, Kihiko and Gihumbi denied stealing the girl. Kihiko told the court that the girl’s father handed the child to her while she was at a bus station travelling to Molo.

“The father wanted to kill the child and kill himself. So, I pleaded with him not to do so. He is, in fact, the one who opted to give me the baby while I was at the bus station ready to travel to Molo. He even gave me the child’s clothes, which I am ready to produce as evidence,” she said.

Gihumbi said she merely received her daughter, who came with the child to their home in Molo.

The three denied all the charges levelled against them and pleaded to be granted bail.

The prosecution opposed their bail applications.

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