Why we are moving Computer Village out of Ikeja -LASG

The Lagos State Government said it decided to relocate the popular Computer Village in Ikeja to Katangua in Abule-Egba area because its current location is strictly a residential area.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Electronic Geographic Information System and Urban Development, Dr Olajide Babatunde, disclosed this during an assessment visit to the market on Tuesday.

The assessment was conducted by the Lagos State Building Control Agency, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and other pertinent government bodies responsible for emergency affairs.

Babatunde said by law, Ikeja Computer Village is a residential area, adding that the plan to relocate the village to Katangua was initially delayed due to some reasons, however, the issues were being addressed and shortly the occupants of the residential area within the computer village would be relocated and settled in Katangua.

He said, “Where the Computer Village is located is, was, and will continue by law to be a residential area, hence we must follow the law. Katangua is the area designated by the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, particularly the Office of Physical Planning.

“We chose Katangua because of the good road network, we are certain that we are not going to be having traffic problems once Katangua is ready to receive the people from Computer Village.

“The expanse of land is such that when you drive in, the person would get lost because of how huge the place is. It is not something that was not well thought of, it is within the model city plan for the area.”

He added, “We are moving the village into a place where their business would thrive while maintaining the status quo, Ikeja Computer Village was a residential area before, it is presently, and I think it will continue to be a residential area. We must ensure that things are done according to the law, since the law says it is a residential area, it should remain as such.

“Katangua market will majorly accommodate the traders within the computer village, they would have market stores and outlets, and they would also have secured title to the stores allocated to them so that if they want to take loans from the properties they have within the market, they can use that with any bank.

“In addition, there would be banking facilities, clinics, schools, crèche, storage facilities, and some housing including hotels where those who come to the place outside of Lagos would be accommodated within the area.”

The special adviser noted that the relocation will be gradual and consultations with market leaders and the development of the Katangua site had already commenced.

“We are planning with the people, they are also ready and we will continue to carry them along on the Katangua plan,” he added.

It was earlier reported on Saturday that the Lagos State Government was set to relocate the Computer Village from Ikeja to Katangua in the Abule-Egba area, in a bid to re-organise the markets in the state.

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