Why Osun State government is silent

Guided by experience and not wanting to court the ire of the Ife Traditional Council, like it happened to the then governor of the old Oyo State, Chief Bola Ige, in 1980 when he announced on the floor of the Old Oyo State House of Assembly that the legendary Ooni Adesoji Aderemi has joined his ancestors. His action was roundly condemned by the Ife traditional council which claimed that it was their traditional responsibility to announce the death of their monarch. However, Traditional Council Visit the Aregbesola 2since the deed had been done, the traditional council went ahead with the burial rites and, thereafter, embarked on the selection of a successor.
Aregbesola, a great promoter and respecter of Yoruba tradition has remained silent on the issue and when the Ile Ife Royal Traditional Council visited him to brief him on the health status of the monarch, he too re-echoed the RTC’s position that all is well with the highly respected monarch.
According to tradition, the Ile-Ife Traditional Council is the only body that has the right to announce the demise of a sitting monarch and it is also the body saddled with the responsibility of nominating the successor.

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