We use panties to produce love medicine not money, says herbalist arrested for ritual killings

An Ajuwon based 37-year-old herbalist, Libaq Alabede, has been arrested for allegedly using human parts for money rituals in Ajuwon community in Ifo Local Government of Ogun State.

Police swooped on the herbalist following a tip-off on February 15, 2019 and some of the human parts recovered from the suspect include a severed leg of a female and male.

Further findings revealed that Alabede owns many houses in the community, some of which are littered with shallow graves, from where he allegedly exhumes corpses to extract preferred human parts for ritual purposes.

However, reacting to his arrest, the suspect maintained that he was innocent. He said: “This is a total set up by my known enemy, a fellow herbalist, named Segun.

“He had once told me that he would deal with me for exposing him to the police. I was doing security work as an OPC member. I used to help police to identify some of these dangerous elements in our society.

Segun told me that he would show me for helping the police to arrest him. Yes, I used to inform the police of their atrocities because I cherish a decent society and I have value for human lives.

He just set me up. My work is simple; I have medicine for ‘manpower’, that can make a man ‘strong’ for 30 minutes of sex and herbs that make women pregnant.

A lot of them will come and pay heavily. This was how I managed to build so many houses and marry seven wives,” he said.

On issues of stolen panties, he said it is due to desperate Yahoo Yahoo boys. “It is because of the so much money that they are making from that business that is why our colleagues request for more money and abnormal things.
Have you seen any woman run mad or die mysteriously after she lost her pant? We only use pants to produce love medicine, not money ritual.”

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