Sen. Bukar Abba Ibrahim: I am not bothered about my sex video, says its my opponents at work

Sen. Bukar Abba Ibrahim of Yobe State, ex-governor and husband of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs who was caught in a major sex scandal involving two women captured in a video trending on social media has spoken on the scandal.
While defending his waywardness, the serving senator said: “I did not watch the video but from what I have gathered, it is a handiwork of politicians. It is not something new in politics. Whatever they spread about me will not bother me. I have not yet determined the politicians. We are still investigating it to ascertain where it originated.”

“The young girl, whose name was mention, might not be behind the video. I am sure she was not behind this, but when the time comes, we would make it known to the public. People should exercise patience. There is nothing further from the truth.”

“I did not know these girls. I don’t know them and I have never met them. I was only told of the video, because I have not yet watched it. Anyone I asked of it would say they don’t have it, and my mobile phone has no Watsapp or internet. I only make and receive calls. If I receive a text message, I reply. Besides these, I do nothing with my phone.”

“I have no plan to take any action. As I told you, this is the handiwork of politicians. I won’t take any action. But I leave them to God. This is the thing we have been seeing it happen to some people and now it came to us.”

However, the politician had earlier said this about the sex mess: “This is a personal, private matter. What does my having been with a girl have to do with the public? You know the normal thing: people ask for unreasonable things, and if you deny them, they try to blackmail you if they have a way.”

“If they say I raped, that’s a different matter altogether, is it because I am a public official, then I am not supposed to be entitled to private life? They just mentioned it to me as a joke and I took it as nothing really serious, this is something that happened between two adults. I have commenced investigations to find out why it is circulating, but from all indications, it is blackmail.

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