OBJ weeps over mum’s death

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo wept yesterday during the stage play titled ‘Aremu’ at the Glover Hall, Marina in Lagos.

Aremu is a stage play that centre on the life and times of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, one of the most influential Nigerians alive.

The play, written by former Director-General of the National Troupe, Prof. Ahmed Yerima, tells the story of Nigeria from the life of Obasanjo, from birth to adulthood, exploring his peasant background, his travails and his presidency.

Aremu is a blend of the Nigeria rich culture that preaches hope to Nigerians that they can be whoever they want to be.

Surrounded by the cast and crew of the play, sponsors and top officials of the Lagos State Government, Chief Obasanjo after mounting the stage commended the producer, Joseph Edgar, for touching a critical aspect of his life: “When Edgar came to me, I was a bit reluctant. He showed me the script and I said, ‘Aremu’ well!’, but I want to particularly thank him for the entertainment aspect and the lesson we learnt. This is an evening of enjoyment. Then he kept quiet for almost a minute, controlling his emotions. And then the tears followed.

Obasanjo while speaking further wept profusely and had to be consoled by one of his entourage who patted him on the back until he became stable and continued speaking

“My regret in life is that my mother did not live to enjoy, to see me grow up and to see what I became in spite of the lavish efforts made on me.

“But your presentation brought vividly to my memories the sacrifices that my mother, in particular, made for me to be what I am today.

“And I thank her and I thank God for the short life she lived.” “But for me, one thing you did, which you probably didn’t know, is to bring a nostalgic feeling, particularly of my mother.

“I hope the message in this play will be put into use.

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