No plan to replace striking doctors with herbalist -Osun State govt, says “its PDP’s market place naked dance”

The Government of Osun on Monday described as a cock and bull tale, the allegation by the Peoples Democratic Party that the Rauf Aregbesola administration is planning to replace doctors who have abandoned their duty posts with native doctors.
The government expressed pity for what it called the irredeemable abyss that the Peoples Democratic Party has sunk into as demonstrated by the lack of substance and hollowness that characterize its criticisms of the Aregbesola administration.

In a statement by the Bureau of Communication and Strategy, Office of the Governor, the government said in an attempt to play the crucial role of opposition, PDP has exposed itself as a political party peopled with characters, who are suffering from ‘crass ignorance’ and ‘chronic intellectual deficiency.’

The statement endorsed by the Director, Semiu Okanlawon, said that the allegation that the government intended to sack some striking doctors and replace them with tradition healers (herbalists) could only be a figment of an inelegant and unrefined minds that could only be found within the rank of PDP.

He argued that PDP’s criticism must be misplaced when put side by side with the performance of the state in the health sector as second to Lagos in the provision of sound primary health care delivery in the whole country.
“The statistics are there for the PDP to fault. Osun under Aregbesola has the enviable record of sound health delivery. To come second to Lagos in Nigeria cannot be a little feat,” the statement said.

The statement added, “Frankly, what is there to respond to in this PDP’s market place, naked dance?

“Weird is the logic of PDP and nothing can change the illogical reasoning of people, whose illogical ways brought Nigeria to her present predicament.

“Because of those who abandoned their jobs as a result of seemingly irreconcilable terms, the government has left no one in doubt on its efforts to deploy doctors from the state Ministry of Health, doctors in the Security agencies in the state to compliment the consultants and local governments doctors who are working.

“The native doctors idea is in the imagination of those who are touting it and honestly such thoughts can only come from PDP and no other party on earth. It amounts to a waste of time not to ignore PDP,” the statement said.

It added that in the area of education, the Aregbesola administration has performed creditably that it won accolade both home and abroad.

It stated that PDP lacks capacity to understand the innovations in the recreation and re-classification of schools in the state.

The statement continued, “As for its other allegations, the indices are there to confirm that Osun has witnessed good governance and PDP fails to point to any other thing other than the fact that there are challenges in the finances of the state. Is this peculiar to Osun or even Nigeria?

“Despite the fact that the world faces its most turbulent time ever, Nigeria’s economic woes would not have been this worrisome had the PDP managed the affairs of Nigeria the way Aregbesola has managed Osun’s resources when Nigeria had it good with petrol dollars.

“Crude sold for above $100 for many years and PDP frittered away the gains. It was desperate to hold on to Nigeria’s jugular embarking on a spending spree like demented souls. The sorry state of national economy today is the negative outcome of PDP’s mismanagement of our affairs.

“Ironically, Aregbesola was the only one alerting Nigerians to the evil PDP was perpetrating. They have no moral standing to examine what Aregbesola is doing let alone condemn them.

“In education PDP knows the results under the Aregbesola years are incomparable to the pre-Aregbesola years. The massive infrastructure upgrade, better learning facilities have all changed the face of education in Osun.

“Despite the noticeable improvements, we do not even believe Osun people have seen the results yet. Wait for years to come when current beneficiaries of the Osun education turnarounds must be leading in their respective fields.”

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