No diversion of bailout funds, Aregbesola insits, thanks workers for resillience

The Government of the State of Osun on Monday assured the people of the state that the N34.988billion bailout funds received from the Federal Government will be used for the very purpose for which it was received.
The Bureau, in its statement by the Director, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon, explained that while the first batch of payment this week will be effected through the allocations received for the month of July, this is only pending the conclusion of the verification exercise which the labour itself called for in order to determine the actual workforce of the state.
aregbe3The clarification, according to the Bureau of Communication and Strategy in the Office of the Governor, became necessary given the various insinuations and manipulations of the minds of the people giving the impressions that the funds will be diverted to other purposes.
“We are using the opportunity to assure the entire workers in the state that all arrears of salary and pensions will be paid from the bailout funds as the reason for which it was received. And this is why the government has ensured that the verification exercise is concluded and the actual figure of workers is determined for the purpose of payment,” the Bureau stated
Explaining further, the Bureau said that bailing out by the Federal Government will not be a continuous thing in the life of Nigeria, adding that the current bailout scheme was necessitated by the economic doldrums the ousted PDP-led Federal Government plunged the country into.
The statement said the government must protect fully the interests of its real workers who toil day and night to ensure the growth and development of the state.
“It is therefore pertinent for workers themselves to ensure effective conclusion of this process in order to ensure they reap the fruits of their labour and prevent the criminal and dubious activities of those who reap where they do not sow.
“Therefore, we must agree that civil service reforms are absolutely critical at this stage in the life of our dear state. There is a need for the engagement of all critical segments of leadership of government and labour for the necessary actions that will make the service effective, efficient and economic.
“If our state, and by all means, the entire South-West region will become financially and materially viable, a wholesome review of what works and what does not must be carried out and implemented with considerable alacrity and efficiency.”
The statement ended with the Governor reemphasising his commitment to sustaining the many social programmes his government operate, stating that compassion with the distressed and poor members of society is the true definition of successful leadership.

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