League Of Soft-Sell Publishers Appoint Interim Exco

A new association called The League of Softsell Publishers has just hit the town. The association which is made up of all the Softsell Publishers in the country has Dayo Asaju, Publisher of First Weekly as its interim President, Azuh Arinze, Publisher of Yes International as Secretary; Tunde Moshood, Publisher of National Enquirer as Spokesperson and Ejiro Roman Adigbo of Top Celebrities as Provost.

A press release issued by the body’s interim secretary, Azuh Arinze quoted  Asaju, the interim President, as saying the major reasons for their coming together are: (1)-to bring everybody in the business under one roof, and (2)-to separate the real Softsell journalists from blackmailers, “we feel the time has come for us to separate the wheat from the chaff, blackmailers should stop masquerading as journalists, Softsell journalism is a noble profession and as such people should begin to see us in that light”, he said.

Speaking further, he said, “we have segmented ourselves so that all those giving the profession a bad name can be exposed, we want the real and true players to be known. Softsell journalism has come to stay and in the interest of proper ethical standard, an association like this needs to take a prominent role in order to sanitize the industry”.

The League is already working on how to co-ordinate and harness true and worthy practitioners in the industry with the ultimate goal of raising the bar for the genre of the media.

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