Kwara APC Splits, Forms nAPC As Dele Belgore Moves To Join PDP

January 21, 2014

– Press Release –

Members of the Kwara State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC wish to congratulate Mohammed Dele Belgore, (SAN) of Kwara State, former Governors Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano, Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto, M. Buba Marwa of Adamawa and other leaders across Nigeria for their wisdom in coming up with the idea of launching nAPC soon.
Dele BelgoreThis patriot action by founding fathers of APC will without doubt salvage our great party from imminent implosion. We hail these leaders who have resolved not to allow the ship of this Party to capsize. They deserve to be encouraged and appreciated.

We also want to specially congratulate our very own, Mohammed Dele Belgore SAN, for his resilience and steadfastness on the Kwara rescue project. We are convinced that he still symbolizes the change Kwarans seek.
Premised on the strength of this powerful initiative, our appeal goes to our teeming supporters not to get stampeded into leaving the party.The State Interim Exco. will soon embark on a tour of our local chapters beginning from February 5th, to educate and sensitize them on how to move the party forward. We also warn our members not to participate in any membership registration exercise organized and supervised Gov. Fatai Ahmed led Government or that of their agents like Alh. Lai Mohammed. We rely on the promise of our National Vice Chairman (North Central) to organism a rancor free but all inclusive membership registration exercise in Kwara.

We share and hold on to this wise old saying that ‘after a long spell of darkness comes the light of hope’ we therefore appeal to our members to share in our optimism while they also remain steadfast within the party as we seek avenues for a peaceful, but reasonable resolution built on justice and fairness. Up till now, we have not lost hope that our party can be salvaged. We have this implicit confidence in the ability of the leaders of the APC to retrace their steps. No man has power to exercise any form of authority on another without his express consent.

Nigerians today are asking core but fundamental questions about the Nigerian political system. Are our political parties any more ideological? Who are the true progressives?

The twin questions on the lips of our members today are, a) what is progressive about our APC when the party is now peopled by the very enemies of this country! Is the APC truly different from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or any other political party in Nigeria for that matter? As it is now, the only difference is that they are the same!

Secondly, how morally correct is it for the new entrants to control both the ‘Government’ and the ‘Party’?
As principled politicians, until our leaders correct these errors, setting up several committees by whatever appellation will not resolve the crises, It does not matter wether membership of such committees are drawn from another planet other than the one led by Chief John Oyegun of Edo State.

For the umpteenth time, we reiterate that any arrangement that cedes the structure of Kwara APC in favour of the new entrants will lead to the defeat and humiliation of the party come 2015. Any assumed peace predicated on injustice will breed tsunami like crises. Should the APC be allowed to implode on the alter of this so called political expedience, hope of millions of Nigerians would suffer.

Alh. Lying Mohammed does not represent Kwara APC, he has no electoral value here. Kwara people attach no importance to his press statements, here, he represents himself and a handful of people looking for political appointment from Gov. Fatai Ahmed and his boss.
No one can be hiding somewhere in Lagos, deceiving Nigerians with press statements that does not reflect the actual state of affairs.

Kwara is one of the most backward State in Nigeria today, has he said anything about the state of affairs here in 8 years? What did he say about the day light electoral robbery at the Offa LG re-run ? How many protests did he or his hangers-on participate in? When hundreds were sacrificed during the induced annual sallah stampede at Senator Saraki’s house, rather than say anything, he looked the other way and discovered a Catholic Church stampede in far away Anambra State.
What has he said about poor Nigerians who lost all their meager savings in Societe Generale Bank, and Kwara State owned Trade Bank. What of Intercontinental Bank Plc, where 21billon naira loan guaranteed by Kwarans was diverted for private business of his new boss. Nigerians are watching. We implore him to come to Oro and hold political meeting with just 20 people who are citizens of that community.

We make boast to say that we are the largest political family in Kwara of today, by the grace of God, wherever we move to, the pendulum swings in that direction.

Awi funi ko to dani, baba ijakadi. Eni awifun, Oba je o gbo. Abo oro lanso f’omo luabi, to ba de inu e, yio di odindi.

Rev. Bunmi Olusona
Interim State Chairman,
Kwara APC

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