Kano Govt Awards $1.851 billion Contract For Construction Of Kano City Light Rail

Kano state government has awarded a $1.851 billion contract to China Railway Construction Corporation to construct the Kano city light rail.
The state Commissioner for Works and Transport, Hon. Shehu H. Lambu presented the provisional letter of award of contract  which was received by Mr. Wei Guo Qin on behalf of the company..
The rail, with a total length of 74.3 kilometres, is expected to travel at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour.
In context, 100 kilometres per hour is as fast as moving from Lagos to Ibadan in 72 minutes.
The first phase of the project construction is billed to take two years, while the second phase of the four-line rail is expected to take another two years.
“Project contract amount of approximately $ 1.851 billion, equivalent to approximately RMB 120.3 Billion, accounting for 2% of the Company’s 2015 revenue, under the China Accounting Standards”.
The project is part of a grand design to upgrade Kano to the status of a truly mean city,  as it will significantly ease movement of goods and services.
On completion,  the light rail is expected to cover Janguza – Bata,  Jogana – Bata, Dawanau – Bata and Kwanar Dawaki – Bata routes in Kano city.

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