How the next Ooni will emerge – Priest

According to the Obadio Agbaye of Ile-Ife, who is also the chief priest, Chief Olajide Farotimi Faloba, the Obadio Agbaye is the Chief priest and the king-maker to the Ooni stool because he is the mouthpiece of the gods. So, if there would be coronation, he is the one that to pronounce it.
There are 401 Yoruba deities and temples scattered worldwide, 201 of them are in Ife. Among these deities, the only speaking one is the living Ooni.
All contesting princes from the four ruling houses will summit themselves to the Kingmakers. The chief priest said the kingmakers, after due consultation with the Ifa Oracle, would pick one person from all Ife Princes that show interest in the stool before the final announcement is made public. There are four ruling houses that could be enthroned as the Ooni of Ife and they are: Osinkola, Ogboru, Lafogido and Giesi.”
He added that before his formal presenting to the public, the new Ooni will spend some days in Ile Oduduwa which housed the first Ooni and other past Oonis with the priests when other rituals would be performed.”
“Whenever there is a demise of Ooni, the kingmaker and the Ifa Oracle will pick the next Ooni. 10 or 20 princes may contest after they might have been presented by their families, but the Ifa priest will consult the oracle that will choose while myself as the kingmaker will perform the necessary rituals that will certify him to mount the throne of Ooni; without this rituals, such potential monarch would not be Ooni,” the priest said.”

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