For attempting to marry 2nd wife, woman beats husband to coma

There was a melodramatic moment at the Gusau Central Prison, Zamfara State, when a housewife, Malama Talatu Lauwali, who beat her husband till he lost consciousness for attempting to marry another wife, knelt down to ask for forgiveness from her husband.

Malama Talatu has been on trial for some months and sent to Gusau prison on the orders of Shari’a court judge of Magami Upper Shari’a Court as a result of a suit filed against her by her husband for nearly killing him as a result of a severe beating.

When the state Chief Judge, Justice Kulu Aliyu visited the prison on Thursday to review the cases of the inmates, she came across the file of Malama Talatu and invited her to come and explain why she beat her husband.

Malama Talatu told the Chief Judge that, she was annoyed with her husband for planning to marry a second wife without her consent, adding that, the husband had been owing her some money for a couple of months.

“My husband was planning to marry another woman, so I told him that, the marriage would not take place until he pays me the money he borrowed from me.”

Malama Talatu stressed that when she realized that her husband was not ready to pay the debt, she grew angry and started beating him till he lost consciousness.

The Chief Judge instantly granted bail to Malama Talatu and asked her to seek for forgiveness from her husband who was invited to the prison.

She quickly knelt down with tears in her eyes and said, “Forgive me, my sweetheart, this is the work of the devil, I will never beat you again.”

The husband, Lauwali Abdullahi replied, “I forgive you my darling.”

Those who witnessed the occasion burst into laughter and the Chief Judge asked Lauwali to go home with his wife.

The Chief Judge, however, warned Malama Talatu to henceforth desist from beating her husband and also asked the husband to immediately settle the debt he owed his wife before contracting another marriage.

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