How Dozie Family ran Diamond Bank into red

Fresh facts have emerged on how Diamond Bank ran into big trouble. Insiders squealed to us that; “Pascal Dozie’s family is exactly the problem of Diamond Bank. Their alleged greed and arrogance are at the core of the problem.”

“Do people know how the bank started? Where are the early and original promoters? How did the Dozie family increase their equity stake through Kunnoch?

Are people aware that some of the major non-performing loans are to companies in which the Dozies’ have a stake, e.g. Geometric Power?

Are people aware that the Managing Director of the bank, Uzoma Dozie has been funnelling money from the bank to GTBank to service his family’s loan, which was used to pay for the shares they acquired in the last capitalization round?”

“This loan was later sold to Access Bank and will be written off as a settlement if the Dozies sell the bank to Access.

Do people know that the Uzoma Dozie started building a massive brand new head office without the board of the bank’s approval?”

“Four independent Directors are against all of this, hence their resignation from the Board.”

“Topshot at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is working with the Dozie family and Access Bank in this criminal undertaking. The leader of this team is Seyi Bickersteth, an Itsekiri man, but he is insisting on proper corporate governance, to save the bank. There is nothing Igbo or Yoruba about this.”

“Good luck to the people who are opening new Diamond Bank accounts, to save a so-called Igbo bank. These are sensitive but factual details. My concern is for the depositors, innocent shareholders, and staff. Nothing Igbo about criminality. Ohaneze shouldn’t step into this.”

“The punishment is swifter than the Dozie family expected. I hear they are losing the entire holding. People should ask how the Dozie family treated the co-founders of the bank; Ken Orji, Ihekire, Oduoza, Opara-Ndudu and so on. They should also find out how many shares they own in the bank today.”

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