Couple Got Stuck Together For Seven Hours During Sex

THE BULAWAYO couple from Old Lobengula suburb that got stuck together yesterday for more than seven hours during sex has spoken out.

The married couple only got separated after the intervention of the man’s father. Cain Chamhuze, 24 and his wife Vongai Nhopi, 19, were stuck together from about 2AM and were separated at about 10AM.stuck romance-in-bed-couple-love-hot-legs-lust

Nhopi said Chamhuze hugged her but they could not untangle and her father in-law had to be called.

“It started from 2AM and we remained stuck together until his father came. He hugged me but couldn’t move his hand. We were separated after 10AM when his father came,” said Nhopi.

She said she was still confused following the incident.

“My father in-law said it was something to do with their ancestors,” she said.

Chamhuze could not say much regarding the incident saying he did not know the cause.

“It happened but I’ve no idea what caused it. It’s my father who separated us,” he said.

In their desperate attempt to get help, the couple is said to have invited neighbours in their bedroom while they were still half undressed.

A neighbour who preferred not to be identified said they heard Nhopi calling for help from her room.

“We heard her screaming for help early in the morning and when we got into her lodgings we found that they were stuck. Some people were even asking whether the man was dead but she said she could feel his breathing,” he said.

Another neighbour said they were told that Chamhuze was possessed because his ancestors were angry that no rituals were conducted as part of solemnising the marriage.

“His father said they were yet to conduct the required rituals,” said Nhopi.

Some of the residents took pictures of the couple as they struggled for their freedom.

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