Buruji Kashamu must face must drug charges – US court

A United States appeal court has upheld a ruling mandating Buruji Kashamu to face a drug trafficking trial, according to reports.

The senator and alleged drug kingpin who inspired Netflix’s hit women’s prison show, Orange Is The New Black was elected into the Senate in 2015 despite being wanted in the US since 1998.

Kashamu, however argues that his dead brother is who they want instead. In April 2015, He asked a district court to prevent his “abduction abroad by U.S. authorities.” The court dismissed the complaint, and the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ruling recently.

It said U.S. agents’ attempt to arrest Kashamu in coordination with local authorities would not constitute “an attempted abduction”. The ruling means that Kashamu can be extradited from Nigeria  to the US to answer to the charges.

Senator Kashamu was indicted in a heroin case alongside money launderer turned “Orange Is the New Black” writer Piper Kerman in 1998, the latter has since pleaded guilty to the charges alongside several other people.

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