“Buhari needs prayers for protection. His health needs prayer” -Primate Ayodele

Primate AyodeleFounder and Spiritual Head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has revealed that God wants a prosperous Nigeria, but this will only come if her leaders return to the path of honesty and uprightness. Speaking to media men after the completion of his periodical 21-day special prayer, in Lagos, on October 12, 2015, Ayodele whose prophecies on nations and leaders have come to pass, stated that Nigeria is one country on the face of earth that God loves so much and has special interest in, but the ways of her leaders since independence have continued to deny the country her rightful place in the comity of nations. The famous seer said God revealed to him that Buhari means well and wants to bring back the country to sanity, but will have a lot of battles to fight to be able to realize this. “In City People magazine of January 14th, 2015 and Global Excellence magazine of December 23rd, 2014. God revealed to me that two former governors will pass away and we told the nation. God also revealed to us that Boko Haram and other terrorist sects would continue to bomb Nigerians, whether APC or PDP wins the presidential election. We also predicted that the former Petroleum Minister, Alison-Madueke, would face health challenges and she would also face probe. God also revealed to us that she would encounter blackmails. Also, God says she will face even more challenges and the government will plan to jail her. We said this last September. But God said she will be free from all of these if she prays very well and seeks the face of God, because only God can heal her.
“God loves Nigeria. And this is evident. By her continuous oneness in spite of the crisis that the country has gone through. Now, the new President, Muhammadu Buhari, will truly fight corruption. God says the man means what he is saying about fighting corruption. Yes, he will also try to fight insecurity, but in this aspect, he will only try, but not get a 100 percent pass mark. He will be able to fight corruption, but he will face obstacles from politicians. Buhari needs prayers for protection. His health needs prayer. We encouraged the APC to do grassroots mobilization and we predicted that the party would win if it did that. God does not mislead. Buhari’s past history or integrity alone did not win him that election, but the grassroots work we advised him to do.
“We predicted the Paris bomb attack and warned France to be vigilant in our prophecy book. God revealed to me when Saraki became Senate President that he had battles to fight. God told me that he will not succeed as Senate President until he does what his party wants. Saraki’s case is still at the mercy of God. God also revealed to me about Senator Buruji Kashamu when he was having his political battles, and we warned him and we even wrote him that he would lose his seat via tribunal ruling. He ignored God’s warning. Now, he still has the grace to seek God’s face if he doesn’t want to lose the ticket finally. God is the ultimate redeemer.
“God revealed to me that a young man who was among the contestants would become the new Ooni. No prophet said it before us. We also mentioned his name. As for his reign, I will not want to say more than that until I consult God.
We predicted earlier that Chelsea Football will have problems in our prophecy book, Warning To The Nations, of 2014. The club is struggling now. Unless Mourinho leaves Chelsea, it will continue.
“I foresee President Buhari and Asiwaju Tinubu fighting. I see Buhari having issues with his party. I see Ghanaian President having challenges with the opposition over his re-election next year. He will overcome the challenges if he seeks the face of God. We warned the last time that MTN would face challenges and would be fined heavily. You can see what is happening now. MTN is still going to face more troubles and some other telecoms companies too. We also predicted that the current GMD of NNPC, when he was appointed, would be changed. I foresee some northern elite groups frustrating the government of Buhari. I see some former governors going to jail, including senators. I see ethnicity crisis and religious crisis. Some of Buhari’s new ministers will be exposed for what they really are. I see Nigeria securing a seat in the UN. The current Chief of Defence Staff of Nigeria will be removed for making mistakes. He needs prayers. A former CDS will face probe. The international community will go against the Buhari government because he will snub their policies. We predicted the death of Matthew Kerekou of Benin Republic, and we have to pray not to lose another African President. And the next Benin Republic President is currently serving in government. President Boni Yayi must not hand over power to any person from the Egun side if he wants his country to have peace. He should hand over power to someone from the Yoruba side.
“In our prophecy book, Warning To The Nations of 2014, on page 135, God revealed to us that the acting FIFA President, Mr. Issa Hayatou, will face health challenges and may be bedridden unless he seeks the face of God. And that former FIFA President, Sepp Blatter’s leadership continuity would be rejected.
I see Ondo State Governor, Mimiko, facing EFCC matter. APC can take over Ondo if the party does its homework well and fields a credible and popular candidate. General Jeremiah Useni should pray not to have serious challenges with his health. Also, the Governor of Katsina State should pray over his health. IBB, Obasanjo, Gowon, Ekwueme, Shagari should pray not to have serious health challenges.
What the government is fighting now is not Boko Haram. Boko Haram is long gone. We have the ISIS in Nigeria now. Another deadlier sect is even coming from Asia. And the earlier the Buhari government realizes this, the better. And God has said that the December deadline that the government promised to end the insurgency war will not work. The fight will continue. And I do not foresee Buhari coming back to power after 2019. That is what God told me. Under Buhari, I do not see the Nigerian economy getting stronger. Fashola, Fayemi and Amaechi will do a lot to help Buhari’s government to succeed, but their efforts will be frustrated by politicians who would be affected by their performance. We have said it that these people would be brought in as Buhari’s ministers. I see a plot to remove Saraki as Senate President. He has a lot of political battles to fight. I foresee the EFCC boss and the CBN Governor being removed. Not all state governors will finish their terms in office. I see a governor being removed from the Northern part of the country. Not all the deputy governors will finish their terms. Some of them will die in office. Also, not all the current senators, reps and state lawmakers will finish their terms. The plot to remove the deputy Senate President, Ekweremadu, will frustrate the presidency and will turn to blackmail. The opposition will fight new INEC boss, Yakubu. I foresee more fire outbreaks. “We also predicted the Abuja bomb blast. And more bomb blasts are still coming. So, Southwest should beware and sit tight. I see a new political party coming up that will challenge the APC and PDP. Traditional rulers should pray against sickness and death. Obong of Calabar, Obi of Onitsha, Oba of Ijeshaland, Olubadan should be prayerful.
We predicted the death of Alamieyeseigha and that of the Cross River State governor. As for the reelection of the incumbent Bayelsa Governor, Dickson, he will be re-elected if he listens to God’s warning. We predicted the fall in petroleum price. And APC’s picking of Timiprye Sylva to contest for governor in Global Excellence magazine of last September and the death of Alamieseigha was predicted in City People of January 14, 2015. We warned that Labaran Maku would lose the race to be governor. We also predicted the troubles of former Governor of Borno State and the court sacking of Rivers State and Akwa Ibom State Governors. Both Rivers State Governor, Wike and Cross River State Governor may still be returned to office if they pray very well and heed God’s warning. I see Maryam Abacha battling cancer. We predicted the changes in the Customs and the Immigration and the challenges of some of their top officers. The current Customs boss, Hameed Ali, will do a lot to transform Customs, but his efforts will face frustration from powerful people. Then, we predicted the death of Obas in the country. We predicted the death of an Emir in the north and we predicted the crisis in Burkina Faso. Let’s pray against the death of a former Nigerian leader. We predicted the death of two former governors. We warned on the persistent problem of kidnappers. We also warned that journalists should pray against untimely deaths between the month of August and December this year.

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